JP English Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2018


J-P English Corp. is one of the leading Japanese-owned online ESL companies here in the Philippines. We have been providing teaching opportunities to both promising and seasoned teachers for more than 9 years now. Through our collaboration with 9 prominent online schools in Japan, and with our growing roster of professional and goal-driven educators, we are gradually extending our reach to cater more students in the near future.


J-P English Corporation aims to extend our reach and help cultivate the English learning community inside and outside the Philippines through our commitment to providing high-quality lessons to our students, maintaining our effective partnership with the clients and opening multiple career opportunities for Filipino educators.


J-P English Corporation envisions helping our students effectively and confidently express themselves in English for whatever purpose they might choose to, cooperating with our clients to help them develop their business to be at the top of the industry and working hand-in-hand with Filipino educators to further their growth as professionals.