5 Tips for an Awesome Resume

Check out these great resume tips from one of our recruiters, Ms. Kleah:

Resume is one of the most important documents that you need to have when applying for a job. It basically speaks out your professional achievements.

As a recruiter in J-P English, part of my daily task is to screen resumes. It is very interesting to see all these profiles and get to know your applicants through a piece of paper. Since this serves as your first weapon in the battle of job hunting, it is requisite to have an almost, if not perfect resume.

Below are the tips that you may keep in mind when doing your resume.

1. Be professional in every aspect. Please do not use your selfie pictures in your resume. I encountered one resume wherein there are two people in the picture of the applicant’s resume. If you cannot attach a decent picture, better not to put a picture anymore.

2. Make it simple but precise. Let’s be honest, a recruiter will not read all the words that you’ve written in your five-page resume. For your accomplishments and achievements, it’s easier to read in a bullet-type format compared to a paragraph form given that they only have the same contents. Please do not put any information that is not related to the position you are aiming for.

3. Write all the necessary information. I saw some resume with no e-mail address, contact numbers, and even their name is not in their resume. You have to keep in mind that these things are the most important content of your resume since if you don’t have these information, it will delay your application process as the recruiter will have no way of getting in touch with you.

4. Make sure that the format of your resume is fixed. Double check the spacing, font styles, and sizes. Also, you have to make sure that your spelling and grammar are all correct since there is a chance that you will fail the paper screening if the recruiter noticed that there were errors in your paper, especially that you’re applying for an English teacher post.

5. Be as honest as possible. Do not put any information which is not true, just for the sake of making your resume impressive. False facts can be later on used against you. If the recruiter finds out that the information in your resume is not true, of course, they will not hire you since your honesty has already become questionable.


Go edit that resume now and start applying for our teaching vacancies. You may send it to kleah.jpenglish@gmail.com so I can check not only your qualifications, but also if you did listen to my pieces of advice. 😉 Have a great day!


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