Teacher Asher


When I was a university student, I used to work as a part-time offline English teacher to Koreans and Japanese. It was my first official course as an English teacher and I found out that being a teacher at first, without professional experience, was a challenge but as time passed by, it gradually became more fruitful and fulfilling as my students became closer to and learned new great things from me in the class.

After graduation, I was a bit disturbed myself whether to pursue a career in-line with my major or walk in a path where my passion wants me to be in, until a job posting of J-P English Corporation, looking for online English teachers, caught my attention. As much as I have wanted to continue my passion in teaching English, I immediately sent them my papers for application. They phoned me, I passed the screening, went to their office, took an exam and had a final interview, completed the training period and surpassed the evaluation. And that’s when my teaching journey began.

I’d never thought that teaching online would be a really huge test for me since I’m not computer savvy and a bit nervous when talking with someone over a device. However, I really enjoyed doing my task on my first days. It is because the admins are very accommodating and helpful, the bosses are great, and most of all, professional growth can be found here.

Being part of the growing family of J-P English is a privilege. It has been continuously reaching not only people like me who want to work full-time, but also those who want to work at the comfort of their home. In addition, working in J-P English lets you experience real great opportunities, beyond expectations. On my sixth month, I have started teaching various students from Japan who want to meet me personally and take my class in the Philippines. It felt like I didn’t only impart them what they want and need, but empowered them to go the extra miles in achieving their goal – to master the English language.

For me, it’s the most rewarding feeling I have always experienced whenever I teach and share my knowledge and positivity to other people, to my students – it is when my students feel great after the class, motivated to learn more, and when they appreciate your presence, eagerness, patience, expertise and effort to help them develop and acquire English skills.

What made me persistent is when I met many students online who trust Filipino teachers. I’ve never imagined that many Japanese students need to start learning English again until many new students came.

J-P English has been providing possibilities not only for the students, but also for its company members. It has been shaping the world of non-English speaking countries into an environment of confident English speakers! Thanks to J-P English for allowing me become part of it.

*If you wish to be part of our company, just like Teacher Asher, you may send your resume to hrd@jp-network-e.com.


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