Teacher Nigist

Online teaching has become an admirable opportunity for me to earn a full income. Being employed as an office-based online teacher provides many advantages such as flexible working schedule, better work-life balance, career growth, and personal satisfaction. Continuous training that maintains effective teaching with patience and persistence support me to create quality online teaching and learning experience.

The idea that I work in the morning, engage in other activities during the day, and then go back to work at night again is fascinating. I conduct classes during the peak hours and I am grateful that the company allows their teachers to work broken shift. I am able to be productive and enjoy a life outside work at the same time. Online teaching enhances my skills in the English language and values my worth in the industry. It drives me of my career development that results to personal fulfillment.

Learning is an endless process both for a teacher and a student. It progresses over time. Hence, I acquire and reinforce new teaching strategies to impart my knowledge in the best way that I can. It may be a cliché but patience is still a virtue. It is one of the important qualities of a teacher. I deal with students over and over again. I should never give up on helping them succeed in learning.


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