Helpful Tips for Aspiring ESL Teachers



Today, online teaching is one of the most popular fields out of the ever growing online work industry. Not only is it flexible and convenient, but it also promotes inter-cultural interaction without actually leaving your home country. However, despite all the benefits that come with working as an online instructor, there are still some factors that usually cause those without prior experience to hesitate to dabble into this industry. As we are very eager to help our new teachers ace their teaching careers, we’re giving another round of tips especially compiled just for you!

  1. Read the agreement.

One common mistake of online employees is simply skimming through the memorandum of agreement. Working as a freelancer does not mean that you should be careless in signing any contracts and/or agreements with the other party. Read each article carefully and understand what you’re committing to. Ask questions if necessary and keep in mind that what you’re signing is a legally binding document.

  1. Get advice.

One of the greatest concerns for new teachers is that they don’t have an idea of what to expect in class. Although companies typically provide training and orientation, in some cases this is still not enough to give full confidence to a first-time instructor. The simple solution is to get advice. Reach out to the school’s support team, trainers or even your fellow teachers. They are familiar with what you’re experiencing and have the knowledge and skills to answer your questions and assuage your concerns.

  1. Look confident (even if you’re not).

Being confident or at least appearing to be is one of the keys to class management. Although there are people who are intrinsically confident, for most cases, real confidence comes from experience and skills gained over time. For those lacking on the first one, here are some of the ways to build up your confidence:

  • Know the rules and procedures

It’s difficult to appear confident if you don’t know what you’re doing. To prevent this, make sure to take time in reviewing the class procedures and the guidelines in teaching the materials. It is also important to do a bit of reading about the topic or lesson of the day in case of questions from your students.

  • Modulate your voice

Speaking in a quiet and timid manner does not belie confidence very well nor does speaking too quickly and rambling randomly about the topic. Instead, use a calm and well-modulated voice to teach. Even if you are nervous, resist the urge to ramble. Organize your thoughts before speaking and deliver it in a calm, friendly manner.

  • Build rapport with your student

Building good rapport with the student will help you become more comfortable in class and therefore making you feel more comfortable in expressing yourself and managing the lesson.

These are just a few suggestions to make your start in the online teaching profession a bit easier. Still, one of the best steps you can take is to join a company that has a great support team and one that can give you many opportunities for growth.

Currently, we are looking for passionate individuals to join our growing team of office-based and home-based teachers. We provide training, coaching and teaching materials and are open to both part-time and full-time instructors. For more details, you may contact us on Skype: jpnetworkhrd or through email:




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