Teacher April

Although I have experienced being a peer tutor when I was a student, back then, I’ve never actually considered teaching as a career option. By the time I’ve graduated from university, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and so I worked a couple of jobs, one of which is being a home-based online encoder. I found the job quite convenient, however, it didn’t really allow for much interaction with other people, and so after about a month, I decided to try and venture towards other online jobs. This is how I stumbled on J-P English Corp.’s job advertisement. The job description really appealed to me and I immediately decided to give it a try. I sent my application on the very same day, went through the interviews, training, demo classes, requirement submission and was able to start teaching within just a few days.

Of course, having no prior online teaching experience, the first few lessons was quite nerve-wracking for me. Fortunately, I found that the company’s support staff, trainers, and other teachers were quite approachable and always willing to help. This undoubtedly helped me in building up my confidence and learning to enjoy teaching Japanese students.

Aside from aiding my financial needs, teaching has also helped me grow as a person in many different ways. Through this job, I was able to meet people with so many diverse backgrounds. It challenged me to learn how to handle and communicate with students of different levels and ages as well as personalities. The company itself also continuously provides opportunities for growth and so far, I’ve been able to handle trial lessons and have had the chance to meet students in person as well as teach them one-on-one. Aside from that, they also provide regular coaching which really helps me work on my skills. In addition, the positive feedback from the coaches, students, and staff is also a tremendous boost to my confidence and motivation.

I have been working for J-P English Corp. for around 3 years now and I can say that my stay here has been and is still an extremely rewarding experience. I feel quite grateful to be part of this growing team and each new person I meet, whether they be students, staff or fellow instructors only manages to make my experience even better. I hope to be able to work for the company for much more years to come.


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