Teacher Susie

I have taught in different online ESL teaching companies and several obstacles exist. Some of the interruptions that I have faced are in the use of technology, unanticipated concerns, and hard-to-deal-with students. Though these problems are inevitable, I have experienced better ways to overcome them when I have worked in J-P English Corp.

There are different departments in J-P that have helped me through in working as an online teacher in the company for more than a year now. The Monitoring Team has oriented me regarding web navigation, deliverables, and tools needed for the classes. The members of the team have ensured that everything works before my lessons start. They do Skype connection check and assist me when I have clarifications with my class schedules. They have been very accommodating and encouraging. As an online teacher, I have encountered difficult students and I admit that sometimes they get on my nerves. It is good news that I have conducted lessons with respectful and professional students in J-P ever since. Also, there is the Training and QA Team that has coached me on how to deal with students by the rules and to keep my positivity. The team is very helpful and patient.

I have enjoyed online teaching in J-P English Corp. because of the people I have worked with. I hope that anyone who wants to be an online ESL teacher will meet them as well.


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