Teacher Pandora

Pandora 1

Teaching wasn’t a thing that I really thought of doing. I didn’t like the idea of preparing materials and activities beforehand and dealing with students because it creates a fear in me that maybe I couldn’t be good enough for them to learn and grow. However, my experience of teaching online shifted into another perception. J-P English was my first online English school. I had some experiences in teaching students on a Sunday school (quite similar to a cram school), but it was way too different than this.

I actually saw their ad on an online job search and submitted my application along with other online schools as well. Not so long the company contacted me and I thought that maybe I should give it a shot. I have never tried working at home and that made me intrigued if this would really work out or not. The purpose of my applying was out of curiosity and of course, who would not want to work in a place where you can be comfortable and have a flex time? Besides, I was really so desperate to have a job for me to continue my studies and finish my degree. Perhaps, some know that a part-time job in the Philippines is difficult to find and this was the perfect chance for me.

So far, I have been working here for a year as Home-based ESL teacher.  At first, I was doing it for the job. But as time went by, I had attachment with the students and my work. I never felt like I was doing my job as a job itself. It was like I was doing what I really enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong because it was really difficult for me at first and there were times that I wanted to quit because it felt like I wasn’t made for this. But seeing the student’s laughter and sharing experiences with them held me back to stay and continue to inspire them in being confident speakers. I may have ups and downs as an online teacher, but the compliments I received and recognition given were priceless that wouldn’t hinder me from motivating them more. It helped me discover that I have other potential than just focusing on myself. I had a passion of also helping others to do more and achieve what they wanted to do with the help of using the English language. Not only the students, but at last I found a work that wasn’t toxic. Every person that I have dealt with even if it’s online was accommodating and warm. They would always lift you up into building yourself more. I may be working at home, but it feels like I had a connection with them more than online.

It was my pleasure working in J-P English. The company would really provide as much as they can to mold not only existing teachers but also potential teachers to help students. They do not only focus on the growth of its students but also with the teachers. I would be forever grateful with the tons of wonderful and colorful experiences I had and will continuously have.


2 thoughts on “Teacher Pandora

  1. Reah says:

    Hi!! Hello!! What level of english competency does this school require?Do i need to be advanced,moderate or average in english proficiency??hoping some replies…


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