Teacher Mariko

Hey everyone! I’m teacher Mariko, a part-time online tutor and full-time mom to an adorable baby girl. I’ve been working here in J-P English Corp. since August of 2016.  Before working here, I used to be employed as a school teacher for elementary students. I’ve always had my heart set on teaching so despite the stress of commuting every day and the heavy workload that came with the job, I was able to love and enjoy my profession. However, after giving birth to my baby, I found it difficult to go back to work. Since my husband also has a full-time job, I didn’t want to leave my baby to be taken care of by a nanny or my mother-in-law all the time. As a first-time mom, this was really distressing for me. One day, I heard from one of our neighbors that online tutorials have become pretty popular lately and she encouraged me to give it a try. I did and I was thankfully accepted for the position.

Being able to continue teaching on my own time and be a hands-on mother to my kid at the same time has been a great blessing to me. Through this job, I was also able to meet a lot of new people. Not just the students, but the staff as well. They’ve all been very kind and accommodating to me. The company itself, like the others, has its own rules and regulations, but since I’ve been doing my best to follow them, I thankfully haven’t had any trouble on that front.

My overall experience in this company has been great so far and I hope to keep my post even if I go back to having a full-time job.


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