Teacher Jessica

I’ve been working full-time in J-P English Corp. for about 2 years now. Before this, I didn’t really have any prior training in teaching. I used to work as a Customer Service Representative for a Japanese account and at the time the closest teaching related activity I have ever done was to help my younger cousins with their homework.

However, like most Filipinos who work in the city, I was sick and tired of the toxic traffic I encountered every day. I felt so exhausted day after day that I finally decided to quit my job and find work that I can do from home. I tried a lot of things like being an online encoder and assistant, but I got tired of the tasks pretty quickly. Then I saw some ads about teaching for Japanese students. I was interested since they were also looking for Japanese speakers. I made some inquiries and found that they paid Japanese speakers more than the usual as well as gave incentives and increases based on performance. Because I had a good internet connection anyway, I went ahead and applied for the job.

Applying here was definitely one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. I received training, met new people, earned a living and learned to enjoy teaching and interacting with the students and staff. Working for J-P English Corp. has helped in many different ways and I hope that the company continues to grow and hire people like me who are looking for other opportunities aside from office work.


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