Teacher Carmela

I have had a wonderful online teaching experience since I started working at J-P English Corp. The company has given me admirable opportunities to earn a full income for my family as an office-based online ESL teacher.

I have enjoyed flexible working schedule because I work in the morning from 04:00 to 7:00 AM, engage in other activities during the day, and then go back to the office at 06:00 to 11:00 PM again. I conduct lessons during the peak hours and get paid for unbooked slots. It has made my work-life balance better since I can prepare food for my family, send my kids to school in the morning and help them with their homework in the afternoon. Also, I can visit my parents, in-laws, and friends on my chosen days off. I have been productive for teaching respectful and professional Japanese students and live a life outside work at the same time. J-P English Corp. has been good to me in enhancing my skills in language. They also provide Nihongo classes during teachers’ free time. This helps me overcome idle time and know basic Japanese words that I use when I take lessons especially with kids. It boosts my confidence to deliver effective learning experience. The company appreciates its employees’ hard work by giving incentives and awards. I have had rate increase after three months of employment only. The management has gifted me a memorabilia for my first anniversary and by the end of last year, I was recognized as the best teacher with highest number of booked and attended classes. To top it all, I have gotten a chance to meet my student offline when she visited the Philippines for a Christmas vacation. The value of my worth that J-P English Corp has made me feel is fulfilling. It drives me to be better in both personal and career aspect of my life.

My supervisors and co-workers in J-P English Corp. have always reminded me that learning is an endless process for both a teacher and a student. It progresses over time. Hence, I have reinforced new teaching strategies from my team leader during coaching to improve my teaching caliber.

It may be a cliché but patience is still a virtue. It is one of the important qualities a teacher must possess. This is something that I have acquired in working at J-P English Corp. for the past two years. I have dealt with various students over and over again. I have never given up on helping them succeed in studying.


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