Teacher Kathy

As an online teacher who has been teaching for quite some time, I can say J-P English is a great company to work for. I first found out about this company through Facebook, back in early 2015. The name was quite new to me, so I was naturally curious. I saw some pretty fun pictures (from one of their parties, I believe) and posters from their page and I was encouraged to inquire about their openings.

After sending a message, I got a response right away and I was informed that they hire both home-based and office-based tutors as well as given all the needed information about the recruitment process when I asked. I went ahead with my application and once I was accepted and began working for them, I learned how nice and fun it was to work with their young and friendly staff. Aside from the staff, I also loved teaching the students, since most Japanese are by nature polite, friendly and kind. The company also offers different types of lessons due to their multiple accounts, so boredom is never an issue.

Lately, they’ve also begun giving performance-based rewards every month. This month I’m aiming to get one of the rewards, so I’m working extra hard. From what I can observe, the company is continually making efforts to improve their services and I hope to continue to be part of it for a long time.


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