2 Reasons Students Are Not Booking You Again


Regardless if online teachers are new or experienced, they will inevitably commit lapses. The bottom line is to avoid making mistakes and learn from those errors. Here are the two common missteps that online teachers encounter and how to avoid each.

30:70 Ratio

Online classes are often provided for 25 to 75 minutes every day. Some behavioral problems occur when students are not engaged in lessons especially if teachers are talking a lot. Teachers should maximize student talking time since online classes are generally short. Teachers must keep students working.

How to avoid the mistake

Teachers have to allow students to speak in answering questions, make their response longer, practice reading, improve pronunciation, and basically let them express their thoughts more. Teachers may also encourage students to ask questions. It will save time to focus on what students need to work on.

ABC (Appearance and Background on Camera)

Most online lessons are conducted through video; hence, whether teachers work as an office- or a home-based online teacher, appearance and background should be given consideration. Though, only a few online ESL teaching companies require uniform, it does not mean that teachers can wear whatever they want whenever they like. Moreover, one of the job qualifications for home-based online teaching position is to have a working environment conducive for online classes. Certain parts of the house or work place, family members, or pets walking behind should not be seen in the background.

How to avoid the mistake

Teachers have to dress in a professional manner. Appropriate clothing will earn students’ respect and set the mood for interaction with each other. Teachers should not wear any revealing or provoking clothes; body fitting tops, plunging necklines, sportswear, and sleeping attire. Teachers may put on a collared shirt, short-sleeved polo, or blazer if one has to wear a dress or blouse. Teachers must also have a clean haircut or apply light make up to look presentable in front of the camera. Teachers have to find a quiet and neutral place where to hold a lesson. They may use a curtain as a backdrop or choose a small portioned-off area of a room.





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