Teacher Pamela

Two years ago I started teaching online in J-P English Corp. An incredible world of teaching has opened up to me.

When a door closes, a window opens as the saying goes. I was worried when I graduated from the university on how I would land a job if corporate companies will always look for experienced applicants. As I heard from a fellow job seeker before, ‘How would I have an experience if I am always denied because I am a newly graduate?’ I smiled on the thought that he has a point. However, the experiences of job hunting and failing stimulated me more to find a job and be hired. That’s when I saw the job advertisement of J-P English on the Internet. Technically, I did not take up a teaching course in college; hence, I do not have teaching experience. Fortunately, the company entertains hopefuls from all career fields, with or without teaching experience, and what’s the best requirement? Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

I have been in the industry for two years now but it is still fresh in my mind when I was interviewed about having the skills is vital but to possess the right attitude is absolutely necessary. In  J-P English, I have worked within a team of people. We always, if not, often talk regarding work. No matter how bad it gets, there is someone somewhere that would do anything for the job. Therefore, we always humbly express our gratitude towards one another at work.

“Don’t work harder than your competition, be your own competition”, says Behdad Sami, an Iranian American professional basketball player. I, together with other online teachers in J-P, am conscious about the quality of our service. We have improved ourselves to work with one another to provide satisfactory lessons for our students and to contribute to the world through English education.


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