Teachers expect different things from their students and so do students from their teachers. While there are a lot of teachers in the industry, highly effective teachers are sometimes hard to find. But what sets these instructors apart from others? Below are some of the habits of highly effective teachers:

  1. They set clear objectives

Effective teachers have a clear goal or a set of objectives when it comes to a student’s learning process. This will help you give more sense and direction to your classes, and if properly discussed with your student or your student’s parent will provide them insight and an appropriate scale for progress.

  1. They maintain a sense of purpose and enjoyment

Needless to say, a teacher who possesses a passion for the act will have a better chance of sticking to the job than one without. This will allow you to enjoy your daily activities and while you can’t expect all classes to be great ones, passion will let you push though tedious, boring and disappointing days.

  1. They don’t aim for immediate results

Expecting immediate improvement on your student’s skills will most of the time, only lead to frustration both on the instructor’s and student’s parts. It will be more helpful to guide the student step by step and have reasonable expectations that will not place a ton of pressure on the student.

  1. They have faith in their students’ potential for learning and give constant support

An effective teacher believes in his or her student’s ability to learn regardless of the difficulties they may encounter along the way, but faith is not enough. As a teacher, you must also provide constant and genuine support to help sustain your student’s thirst and motivation for learning.

  1. They reflect on their methods and seek advice from others

An effective teacher will never let him or herself become stagnant. Make a habit of assessing yourself and your methods. Seek advice from other teachers and maybe find a mentor of your own to help you gain new perspectives. You must be adaptable and welcoming of changes that will give you the chance to improve.

  1. They never stop learning

As stated above, teachers must seek new perspectives, but not only that. You must also be curious and constantly seek new knowledge. English as a language is constantly evolving and to be an effective educator you must be able to adapt and continue to be knowledgeable.

  1. They listen to their students

Students have different views compared to their teachers and teachers who know how to listen to their students fare better when it comes to achieving learning goals. If your current style is not working well with your student, you might be better off asking them what works for them and what doesn’t. Don’t just stick to your goals; ask them what they want to learn too.






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