Meeting new people from different countries is one of the joys of ESL teaching. Of course, to conduct great lessons you must learn how to connect with them. Here are 5 simple steps to help you build rapport with your students.


  1. Adjust your expectations

The first step is to remember that every student and culture is different. There is a big chance that your Japanese student will act and react differently from your Russian one. Try to learn about your student’s culture and personality and adjust your style accordingly.


  1. Start by sharing a few things about yourself

Lead by example. Try to connect to your student by sharing a little bit about yourself first. This may help them feel more comfortable with sharing things with you and may prompt them to ask questions of their own. However, you must not forget to keep things professional.


  1. Learn your student’s interests

This is related to step 2. After you’ve done you share, try to ask the students about their interests and find something you have in common. People love talking about things they like and will encourage them to talk more.


  1. Smile and enjoy the class

Focus on the lesson, but try to still enjoy it. Show your genuineness about your friendliness and desire to help the student instead of trying too hard. Remember students love teachers who are passionate about their job.


  1. Don’t give up

There are students whom you’ll find to be more difficult to connect with than most, but don’t give up. Sometimes, building rapport can take time. Just do your best to remain positive in your interactions and your students will thank you in the end for it.





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