Ms. Bianca

I am a trainee at J-P English Corporation. I am in the Recruitment Department.


The admins are very friendly, understanding, accommodating and helpful. They do their very best to attend your needs as a trainee. They are willing to teach you everything you needed to learn. They will always give you ideas and strategies on how you can finish your tasks faster. I met new friends from accommodating staffs. The company also offers a free accommodation so it’s really hassle-free. And as per my observation from the monitoring staffs, they attend to the teacher’s questions and concerns immediately. They always remind teachers for their schedule even if it’s the teacher’s responsibility to check if he or she has a booking for the day. And for my observation from the online teachers, their teaching schedule depends on their preference, which is great. Having a home-based vacancy is really great because our teachers can spend time with their family while working, and they avoid hassle traffics.


No complaint at all. There is nothing to complain about this company. Everything is good!

Advice to Management

No negative thoughts for the management. It’s inspiring to know that the management is always willing to listen to all the employees’ and teachers’ concerns and suggestions. They always think of what’s best for their employees and they are generous enough in giving the needs of their employees to stay motivated and goal-oriented. Also, continue hiring accommodating staffs in your company and continue giving incentives to your teachers so they will stay motivated in teaching our Japanese clients.



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