While most Filipino employers still prefer the traditional method when it comes to meeting candidates, there’s no denying that Skype interviews do have several advantages such as saving time and money for both the applicant and employer particularly if they are located in different cities or sometimes even countries.  If you are planning to work from home or as a freelancer in general, having to attend an interview through Skype will definitely be a possibility.

So, regardless if you’re proficient in using the application or not, here are a few tips to help you nail that Skype interview.


  1. Use a professional username. Just like how you make sure that the email address in your resume is professional when using Skype in your application, you must also refrain from using names such as CuteChix4u as your user ID.

  1. Check your profile picture. You might look exceptionally good in that selfie you took last week but using it as your profile picture on Skype for this particular appointment might not go over as well as it did on Facebook. Instead, you can replace it with the same picture that you used on your resume.

  1. Dress properly. Since the employer can only see your upper body on camera, it might be tempting to just wear a nice top and pair it with a simple pair of shorts. However, remember that anything can happen during the course of the interview. You might need to stand up at one point or another to fix your audio or some other equipment and inevitably expose the rest of your outfit. Besides, dressing like you’re going to a personal interview can give you a confidence boost and put you in the correct mindset for it.

  1. Mind your location. If you’re planning to work from home, the employer would most likely also be considering your work environment in their assessment, so make sure to prepare this ahead of time. Your work area should be quiet and free from any distractions particularly on the day of your interview. If you live with your family, inform them of your appointment so that you can avoid any disturbances. Check your background and lighting as well.

  1. Practice. Not everyone is used to or is comfortable with using Skype and if you’re like this, this tip is essential. Practice using the application and explore the different functions and settings. Ask a friend to help you figure out the correct angle for your camera. Know where to look to keep eye contact and how close or far to sit without being too near or distant from the camera.

  1. Check your equipment and connection. Aside from knowing how to properly navigate the application, you should also make sure that your equipment is ready and in working order. This includes your headset, camera, and computer. If you plan to use a laptop make sure that it is either fully charged or plugged into a power outlet. As for your connection, use LAN as it is definitely more reliable than Wi-Fi.

  1. Add the interviewer’s Skype ID to your contacts list. Before the day of the interview, make sure to confirm and add the correct Skype ID that your interviewer will use. The employer will usually provide this information ahead of time, but in case they don’t, don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. Confirm the details. When setting up the date and time of the interview, make sure to check for any additional information, such as what to do, prepare or submit before or on the day of the appointment. It is also important to establish who, between the two of you would be expected to make the call.

  1. Communicate well. This is necessary for all kinds of interviews. Articulate well. Don’t speak too fast or too slow and make sure to listen actively while the other person is speaking. Verbal cues will be very useful to let the interviewer know that you are listening and that you are able to hear and understand them well. This is especially important as audio problems can sometimes occur in the middle of a call.

  1. Take it seriously. It might be done in the comfort of your own home, but an interview is still an interview. Professionalism and interest about the job or company should always be displayed.

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