Online lessons continue to become increasingly popular mainly due to its convenience. However, despite its many advantages, these lessons do have their downsides as well. Being able to sign-up and start lessons anytime also means being able to just quit or disappear with ease. This may be caused by many different reasons, but one of the things that online teachers can do is to help maintain the student’s motivation to learn.

Dealing with unmotivated students will always be a challenge, but here are some ideas that might help:

  1. Show your own enthusiasm. You cannot help raise a student’s motivation if you yourself are unmotivated. Be careful of how you present yourself while teaching class. Mind your body language, words, the tone of voice and let your student be swept away by your energy and eagerness in class.

  1. Relate your lessons to real-life situations and interests. Let your students see how useful the skills that they gain in your class would be in their everyday lives. Search for news articles and other materials and situations that you can discuss or integrate into class wherein they can use the knowledge and skills that you’ve been providing them.

  1. Take advantage of your student’s learning style. Since both you and your student have access to the internet, you can easily use its availability to adjust your lessons depending on your student’s learning style. Don’t hesitate to use its resources. Even in classroom settings, more and more instructors are starting to utilize multimedia in their everyday classes.

  1. Help set realistic goals and recognize your student’s achievements. To maintain their motivation, students need to know that they will succeed in their pursuit. Encourage participation by helping them set realistic goals and by recognizing their achievements. This will help them refrain from having impossible standards and to have a sense of growth throughout the course.




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