Learning can be achieved through the solid foundation made by an effective teacher. An educator should not only master the lesson but must also attain the qualities of a good communicator. To be able to provide a quality teaching, here are five (5) characteristics a good ESL teacher should strive to develop.

  1. Communication

As an ESL teacher, excellent communication skill is a must. Just like in the process of photosynthesis wherein sunlight helps the plant grow, instructors who can communicate well will also help the students in their skill development.

  1. Listening

Good listening skill is a way to connect with the student. It allows an instructor to evaluate and understand their goals and needs. Along with this skill, a teacher must also consider factors such as age, sex, belief and cultural background in interpreting the student’s message to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. Motivation

Learning a new language is not easy. Throughout the learning process, a teacher must anticipate different hindrances that might be encountered by the students. In doing this, the instructor will be prepared to provide encouragements that can help students focus on studying and achieving their learning goals.

  1. Sensitivity

Sensitivity to the student’s needs plays a vital role in the learning process. It helps the instructor identify which aspects of the student’s skills must be worked on and what teaching style they must apply to help overcome learning barriers.

  1. Passion

Stress can’t be avoided, but its effects depend on how a person will handle it. Dedication and passion for the job help a person grow and enable them to push through the difficulties that come with any profession.

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