Teacher Lacey


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Teaching is one of the noblest and rewarding professions in the world. To be a teacher is one of my lofty dreams in life and I experienced it about four years ago as a practice teacher. After graduation, I took a different path and almost forgot everything that I learned about teaching. But even during that time, I still kept my heart’s desire to teach. Like the traffic in the Philippines, aging is inevitable. Wines get better with age, and so do I. After working in different fields, I decided to become a dreamer again. I have no other weapons in applying except my self-confidence and life experiences. With the help of the people who became God’s instrument to grant my aspiration, I am now one of the office-based ESL instructors of JP English.


Getting my first teaching job was a nerve-wracking experience. I wasn’t totally prepared yet when I started working a day after I passed the interview. Temptations provoked me to quit, but thanks for the help of the different teams and my friendly co-teachers, I was able to resist that enticement of giving up.


Dealing with different levels of Japanese students is one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had in my life. This job doesn’t just give me a chance to help students in learning the English language but also to broaden up their horizons in life which is very fulfilling for me. In addition, I’ve been continuously learning from them and that’s the best thing that I love about this job.


As perks, I have the privilege to avail of the free accommodation which is relatively convenient for me. Instead of feeling irritated in wasting too much time because of being stuck in long traffic congestion, I can productively use my precious time by having additional teaching slots. I was also given a good starting rate for my Japanese language skills and the chance to make my own schedule. However, this job really needs patience, not just toward students, since most of the students are very kind and considerate, but patience towards your income as well which is very essential. Every day is not Christmas. There could have times that you will encounter crisis for having lesser booked classes. This situation is expected to happen in your first three months. Changes are inevitable but you can control how you respond to it. It gave me time to study about many things, especially the Japanese language, which resulted in a good grade during the last JLPT examination I took. I should say that it is a good chance for new graduates to be part of the online teaching industry as their stepping stone for achieving their goals.


I am proud to become a part of a company that offers such tremendous growth opportunities for its employees. JP English gave me one of the most meaningful experiences that I have ever had both personally and professionally. They provided me with a more in-depth perspective not only in teaching but also in being a better version of myself. It also provided me with a wonderful community of people whom I wouldn’t hesitate to contact in the future.


Apply now and enjoy the perks that Teacher Lacey is experiencing. Send your CV via email to hrd@jp-network-e.com. 


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