Teacher Agatha

Teaching runs in our family from my grandmother down to her children, especially my mother. Granny was their first teacher who taught them to love learning and sharing. They have always liked to teach. When my mother was young, she carried a chalkboard to their front yard to play school with her siblings. Hence, it was not peculiar for me to grow up with my four aunties, together with my mother, who were all elementary teachers in our province. Though my mother did not persuade me to become a school teacher myself, it was innate to me to have passion in teaching.

I purposely applied in J-P English as an online teacher and I have not regretted it for the past three years. Teaching in the company has been a wonderful experience for me and I have been lucky enough to be part of an organization that shares the same vision with me – education, I believe is the most important thing one can contribute to the world.

Elders often say that education is one thing no one can take away from us and that it is a continuous process. J-P English Corp. caters both young and adult online learners. These students are all busy in their personal and career endeavors but they still make time to go in front of their computers or laptops and take English conversation lessons from Japan. They are devoted to learn the language that is also why the company puts them first. The company and I have joined forces to help the students become even better.

Teacher Pamela

Two years ago I started teaching online in J-P English Corp. An incredible world of teaching has opened up to me.

When a door closes, a window opens as the saying goes. I was worried when I graduated from the university on how I would land a job if corporate companies will always look for experienced applicants. As I heard from a fellow job seeker before, ‘How would I have an experience if I am always denied because I am a newly graduate?’ I smiled on the thought that he has a point. However, the experiences of job hunting and failing stimulated me more to find a job and be hired. That’s when I saw the job advertisement of J-P English on the Internet. Technically, I did not take up a teaching course in college; hence, I do not have teaching experience. Fortunately, the company entertains hopefuls from all career fields, with or without teaching experience, and what’s the best requirement? Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

I have been in the industry for two years now but it is still fresh in my mind when I was interviewed about having the skills is vital but to possess the right attitude is absolutely necessary. In  J-P English, I have worked within a team of people. We always, if not, often talk regarding work. No matter how bad it gets, there is someone somewhere that would do anything for the job. Therefore, we always humbly express our gratitude towards one another at work.

“Don’t work harder than your competition, be your own competition”, says Behdad Sami, an Iranian American professional basketball player. I, together with other online teachers in J-P, am conscious about the quality of our service. We have improved ourselves to work with one another to provide satisfactory lessons for our students and to contribute to the world through English education.

Teacher Kathy

As an online teacher who has been teaching for quite some time, I can say J-P English is a great company to work for. I first found out about this company through Facebook, back in early 2015. The name was quite new to me, so I was naturally curious. I saw some pretty fun pictures (from one of their parties, I believe) and posters from their page and I was encouraged to inquire about their openings.

After sending a message, I got a response right away and I was informed that they hire both home-based and office-based tutors as well as given all the needed information about the recruitment process when I asked. I went ahead with my application and once I was accepted and began working for them, I learned how nice and fun it was to work with their young and friendly staff. Aside from the staff, I also loved teaching the students, since most Japanese are by nature polite, friendly and kind. The company also offers different types of lessons due to their multiple accounts, so boredom is never an issue.

Lately, they’ve also begun giving performance-based rewards every month. This month I’m aiming to get one of the rewards, so I’m working extra hard. From what I can observe, the company is continually making efforts to improve their services and I hope to continue to be part of it for a long time.

Teacher Carmela

I have had a wonderful online teaching experience since I started working at J-P English Corp. The company has given me admirable opportunities to earn a full income for my family as an office-based online ESL teacher.

I have enjoyed flexible working schedule because I work in the morning from 04:00 to 7:00 AM, engage in other activities during the day, and then go back to the office at 06:00 to 11:00 PM again. I conduct lessons during the peak hours and get paid for unbooked slots. It has made my work-life balance better since I can prepare food for my family, send my kids to school in the morning and help them with their homework in the afternoon. Also, I can visit my parents, in-laws, and friends on my chosen days off. I have been productive for teaching respectful and professional Japanese students and live a life outside work at the same time. J-P English Corp. has been good to me in enhancing my skills in language. They also provide Nihongo classes during teachers’ free time. This helps me overcome idle time and know basic Japanese words that I use when I take lessons especially with kids. It boosts my confidence to deliver effective learning experience. The company appreciates its employees’ hard work by giving incentives and awards. I have had rate increase after three months of employment only. The management has gifted me a memorabilia for my first anniversary and by the end of last year, I was recognized as the best teacher with highest number of booked and attended classes. To top it all, I have gotten a chance to meet my student offline when she visited the Philippines for a Christmas vacation. The value of my worth that J-P English Corp has made me feel is fulfilling. It drives me to be better in both personal and career aspect of my life.

My supervisors and co-workers in J-P English Corp. have always reminded me that learning is an endless process for both a teacher and a student. It progresses over time. Hence, I have reinforced new teaching strategies from my team leader during coaching to improve my teaching caliber.

It may be a cliché but patience is still a virtue. It is one of the important qualities a teacher must possess. This is something that I have acquired in working at J-P English Corp. for the past two years. I have dealt with various students over and over again. I have never given up on helping them succeed in studying.

Teacher Jessica

I’ve been working full-time in J-P English Corp. for about 2 years now. Before this, I didn’t really have any prior training in teaching. I used to work as a Customer Service Representative for a Japanese account and at the time the closest teaching related activity I have ever done was to help my younger cousins with their homework.

However, like most Filipinos who work in the city, I was sick and tired of the toxic traffic I encountered every day. I felt so exhausted day after day that I finally decided to quit my job and find work that I can do from home. I tried a lot of things like being an online encoder and assistant, but I got tired of the tasks pretty quickly. Then I saw some ads about teaching for Japanese students. I was interested since they were also looking for Japanese speakers. I made some inquiries and found that they paid Japanese speakers more than the usual as well as gave incentives and increases based on performance. Because I had a good internet connection anyway, I went ahead and applied for the job.

Applying here was definitely one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. I received training, met new people, earned a living and learned to enjoy teaching and interacting with the students and staff. Working for J-P English Corp. has helped in many different ways and I hope that the company continues to grow and hire people like me who are looking for other opportunities aside from office work.

Teacher Mariko

Hey everyone! I’m teacher Mariko, a part-time online tutor and full-time mom to an adorable baby girl. I’ve been working here in J-P English Corp. since August of 2016.  Before working here, I used to be employed as a school teacher for elementary students. I’ve always had my heart set on teaching so despite the stress of commuting every day and the heavy workload that came with the job, I was able to love and enjoy my profession. However, after giving birth to my baby, I found it difficult to go back to work. Since my husband also has a full-time job, I didn’t want to leave my baby to be taken care of by a nanny or my mother-in-law all the time. As a first-time mom, this was really distressing for me. One day, I heard from one of our neighbors that online tutorials have become pretty popular lately and she encouraged me to give it a try. I did and I was thankfully accepted for the position.

Being able to continue teaching on my own time and be a hands-on mother to my kid at the same time has been a great blessing to me. Through this job, I was also able to meet a lot of new people. Not just the students, but the staff as well. They’ve all been very kind and accommodating to me. The company itself, like the others, has its own rules and regulations, but since I’ve been doing my best to follow them, I thankfully haven’t had any trouble on that front.

My overall experience in this company has been great so far and I hope to keep my post even if I go back to having a full-time job.

Teacher Pandora

Pandora 1

Teaching wasn’t a thing that I really thought of doing. I didn’t like the idea of preparing materials and activities beforehand and dealing with students because it creates a fear in me that maybe I couldn’t be good enough for them to learn and grow. However, my experience of teaching online shifted into another perception. J-P English was my first online English school. I had some experiences in teaching students on a Sunday school (quite similar to a cram school), but it was way too different than this.

I actually saw their ad on an online job search and submitted my application along with other online schools as well. Not so long the company contacted me and I thought that maybe I should give it a shot. I have never tried working at home and that made me intrigued if this would really work out or not. The purpose of my applying was out of curiosity and of course, who would not want to work in a place where you can be comfortable and have a flex time? Besides, I was really so desperate to have a job for me to continue my studies and finish my degree. Perhaps, some know that a part-time job in the Philippines is difficult to find and this was the perfect chance for me.

So far, I have been working here for a year as Home-based ESL teacher.  At first, I was doing it for the job. But as time went by, I had attachment with the students and my work. I never felt like I was doing my job as a job itself. It was like I was doing what I really enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong because it was really difficult for me at first and there were times that I wanted to quit because it felt like I wasn’t made for this. But seeing the student’s laughter and sharing experiences with them held me back to stay and continue to inspire them in being confident speakers. I may have ups and downs as an online teacher, but the compliments I received and recognition given were priceless that wouldn’t hinder me from motivating them more. It helped me discover that I have other potential than just focusing on myself. I had a passion of also helping others to do more and achieve what they wanted to do with the help of using the English language. Not only the students, but at last I found a work that wasn’t toxic. Every person that I have dealt with even if it’s online was accommodating and warm. They would always lift you up into building yourself more. I may be working at home, but it feels like I had a connection with them more than online.

It was my pleasure working in J-P English. The company would really provide as much as they can to mold not only existing teachers but also potential teachers to help students. They do not only focus on the growth of its students but also with the teachers. I would be forever grateful with the tons of wonderful and colorful experiences I had and will continuously have.

Teacher Susie

I have taught in different online ESL teaching companies and several obstacles exist. Some of the interruptions that I have faced are in the use of technology, unanticipated concerns, and hard-to-deal-with students. Though these problems are inevitable, I have experienced better ways to overcome them when I have worked in J-P English Corp.

There are different departments in J-P that have helped me through in working as an online teacher in the company for more than a year now. The Monitoring Team has oriented me regarding web navigation, deliverables, and tools needed for the classes. The members of the team have ensured that everything works before my lessons start. They do Skype connection check and assist me when I have clarifications with my class schedules. They have been very accommodating and encouraging. As an online teacher, I have encountered difficult students and I admit that sometimes they get on my nerves. It is good news that I have conducted lessons with respectful and professional students in J-P ever since. Also, there is the Training and QA Team that has coached me on how to deal with students by the rules and to keep my positivity. The team is very helpful and patient.

I have enjoyed online teaching in J-P English Corp. because of the people I have worked with. I hope that anyone who wants to be an online ESL teacher will meet them as well.

Teacher Alyssa

Education is something that has always been very important to me and even though I’ve already received my bachelor’s degree, I felt that earning my master’s aside from satisfying my desire for further knowledge, will open up more opportunities for my career. About 10 months ago, I decided to focus on my studies and become a full-time student. However, this puts a strain on my finances. I tried to look for part-time jobs, but most of them had work hours that I couldn’t really accommodate without sacrificing some of my classes. One of my friends, who has been working as an online tutor for some time, referred me to J-P English Corporation. I was quite reluctant to apply since I didn’t really have any teaching background, however, I really needed a job with a flexible schedule, so I ended up applying online.

Since then, I have been teaching students part-time. Thanks to the flexible work hours, I can focus on my studies and still earn money during my free time. Of course, being able to meet people from a different culture is also a plus. Dealing with the students has really helped me learn how to be flexible and to appreciate the differences and similarities of Japanese and Filipino cultures. They also have monthly rewards for the best performing teachers, so that’s another bonus!

My experience here has been really great so far. Kudos to all the friendly and supportive staff who have been such great help especially during my first month as a tutor. I hope to keep on working here for a long time.

Teacher April

Although I have experienced being a peer tutor when I was a student, back then, I’ve never actually considered teaching as a career option. By the time I’ve graduated from university, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and so I worked a couple of jobs, one of which is being a home-based online encoder. I found the job quite convenient, however, it didn’t really allow for much interaction with other people, and so after about a month, I decided to try and venture towards other online jobs. This is how I stumbled on J-P English Corp.’s job advertisement. The job description really appealed to me and I immediately decided to give it a try. I sent my application on the very same day, went through the interviews, training, demo classes, requirement submission and was able to start teaching within just a few days.

Of course, having no prior online teaching experience, the first few lessons was quite nerve-wracking for me. Fortunately, I found that the company’s support staff, trainers, and other teachers were quite approachable and always willing to help. This undoubtedly helped me in building up my confidence and learning to enjoy teaching Japanese students.

Aside from aiding my financial needs, teaching has also helped me grow as a person in many different ways. Through this job, I was able to meet people with so many diverse backgrounds. It challenged me to learn how to handle and communicate with students of different levels and ages as well as personalities. The company itself also continuously provides opportunities for growth and so far, I’ve been able to handle trial lessons and have had the chance to meet students in person as well as teach them one-on-one. Aside from that, they also provide regular coaching which really helps me work on my skills. In addition, the positive feedback from the coaches, students, and staff is also a tremendous boost to my confidence and motivation.

I have been working for J-P English Corp. for around 3 years now and I can say that my stay here has been and is still an extremely rewarding experience. I feel quite grateful to be part of this growing team and each new person I meet, whether they be students, staff or fellow instructors only manages to make my experience even better. I hope to be able to work for the company for much more years to come.